Who is Dodo the Black Swan?

Dodo is a black swan representing its namesake, an economic Black Swan, an event of market uncertainty and often fall.

The latest and least touched upon on the list, before receiving its own OC it went by 'haphap', however on a thread posted on July 31st of 2021 with new pics there was a general acceptance of the name Dodo, and the name stuck.

Ever since then, he's been serving a role similar to the Bogdanoffs in market turmoil but mostly unpredictability.

Why Dodo?

Dodo is the last personified character of market forces with origins of 4chan,
Joining the ranks of BOBO (BEAR), MUMU (BULL), SNIBBU (CRAB), and the messiah, PEPE.


$Dodo is a meme token and has no defined utility.
Ticker: $Dodo
Contract Address: 0x747E550a7B848acE786C3CFe754Aa78feBC8A022
Total Supply: 10,000,000
Tax: 0% TAXES